Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sock it to ME!

Well, little did I realize that socks are back, and in a big way. I was gonna knock the long sock, saying it is sooo lover's lane middle age fantasy, but from doing further research, I guess it coming back in style. Don't get me wrong, I grew up in the midwest, socks were like, well, underwear, and yes, we all know its questionable just how necessary they are, but socks have always been a part of my wardrobe. Not until recently, have I really been paying attention to the colors and lengths of my socks. I love the whole idea of bringing back your youth, because we all know bringing back our innocence is completely out of the question. The only thing about the thigh high sock that really gets to that, I've been seeing girls where those candy striped thigh highs and they just look straight up trashy, like a 16 year old-Hot Topic-10 years ago kind of trashy. I think the simpler the better, sure texture is always fun, but when it comes to covering more than half your leg, you don't need some optical illusion, black and white witch stripe sock to make your point.

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